This is the official webshop of Mylane B.V., trade name MEIJS.

Mylane is a dutch company. Our ambition is to accelerate traveling light in our cities.
Clean, silent, stylish urban mobility. Give people the space, good feeling and fun to drive in their city.

The first product, the MEIJS Motorman, is the icon of traveling light. The design of the MEIJS Motorman arose from a combination of idealism and practical necessity when Ronald Meijs noticed that urban mobility is increasingly becoming more problematic. We love cities for their human energy, the creativity, the business vibe and the squares and streets where people meet. But we loath them for the poor air quality, the constant noise and the lack of personal space. We drive in big, luxury, complex cars but get annoyed by the heavy traffic and parking problems.

Designer Ronald Meijs searched for a solution with the idea at the back of his mind that, more than anything else, mobility should be light and pleasurable. From the very outset it was immediately clear that the vehicle should not produce any CO2 emissions. He wanted it to be simple, easy to use and fun to drive. He designed the Motorman and, in doing so, achieved the perfect balance between durability, functionality and design.

The current activities of Mylane are the design, development, building and distribution of the MEIJS Motorman.

Please, always contact us via mail or phone before visiting us. We’re not a company with traditional working hours.

Mylane B.V.
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Valkenburgerweg 223          Sphinxcour
6419 AT  Heerlen                  6211 XZ Maastricht
The Netherlands                    The Netherlands

Website: www.meijsmotorman.com
Mail: info@meijs.nu
Chamber of commerce: 60650079
VAT: NL.8539.99.430B01
IBAN: NL91INGB0006470707